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You want to sell your property, and are looking for a solvent and suitable buyer? Then read on.

First things first: “Estate Agent” is not a protected professional title. For this reason there is no shortage of supply when it comes to estate agents! And there are reliable estate agents as well as those who exercise a very relaxed relationship with the truth.
For this reason you should never allow yourself to be put under time pressure. You should not trust offers which seem too good to be true, and you should choose carefully whom you ultimately commission to handle the sale of your property.

In order to enable you to approach the task of selecting a suitable estate agent more effectively, we have compiled the following checklist. Checkliste Immobilienverkauf Property sale evaluation mandate
Familiarise yourself with our working practices, and consider whether we meet your requirements and earn your trust.

 Comprehensive service
For you, when it comes to selling your property, the key consideration is whether you are informed honestly and supported from start to finish by a single specialist. One of the most important sales criteria for you will be the realised sales price. We will help you identify the best-possible balance between the sales price and the sales timing, as well as when it comes to answering the question of how the sales proceeds can best be invested at a later date.

 Sales approach
On the basis of the jointly-developed sales tactics, we select a suitable combination of various sales strategies in order to achieve your desired result. If you do not want the planned sale to be made public, we will of course proceed in accordance with your wishes.

 Legal agreements and sales settlement
The road to the signing of the agreement can be paved with stumbling blocks and obstacles. Public and private law need to be taken into account, along with duties and fees. And of course human beings are also involved, together with all of the emotional aspects which this can entail. At any rate, we will negotiate the best possible sales agreement on your behalf, and will from the earliest possible stage ensure that any duties which could reduce the sales proceeds are handled with the maximum transparency.

 Transfer of the property
We will of course also support you when the notary transfers the property to the buyer. Working together with you, we will also ensure that all relevant public offices are properly informed and that all legal agreements which are no longer required are terminated in good time.
Do you have any questions? Then please write to us. We are looking forward to hearing from you.
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