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You are looking for an exclusive home somewhere in Europe, and want to achieve your objective as simply and as directly as possible? Then we are just the right people for you.
Buying an exclusive residential property is a complex matter. On the one hand you need someone to support you at every stage who has first-class connections in the small market segment of exclusive residential properties, and who is willing to do everything to realise your wishes to the full. On the other hand, trust also plays an important role. You are certainly entitled to ask: «Is the estate agent whom I am commissioning really capable of handling this challenging task to my complete satisfaction? And is the interpersonal ‘chemistry’ right?»

To enable you to prepare yourself for an initial contact, we have compiled a helpful checklist. Checkliste Immobiliensuche Property search mandate
Obtain an initial impression of our working practices, and consider whether we are the right choice for you:

 Establishing contact
We focus on your wishes from the time of the first contact onwards, and prepare everything necessary to draw up a detailed profile together with you. We will then use this profile to conduct a dedicated search for the property you are looking for.

 Advice and support
We place great importance on providing our clients with comprehensive and customised support. The same person will accompany you at all times, both during the search as well as at the time of the purchase and any follow-up support. You will be able to contact this sales agent at any time.

 Negotiating and concluding legal agreements
You can draw upon our experience when it comes to overseeing purchase procedures and concluding purchase agreements. Our goal at all times is to achieve a balanced solution which properly reflects the interests of the buyer as well as of the seller, and which leaves both sides feeling good about the transaction.

 Settling the finance and purchase
We support you with expertise and circumspection in questions of financing and settling the purchase. Our relationships with specialist lawyers and tax advisors as well as with distinguished and specialist financial institutions ensure competitive conditions and the reputable settlement of all stages of a purchase process.

 Further support
Following the purchase of a property, our team will remain available to you for advice and support. If you wish, we can also help you organise refurbishment work and extensions, financial and technical insurance matters, as well as with respect to financial questions.
Do you have any questions? Then please write to us. We are looking forward to hearing from you.
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